Dining L space saving leather bench and leather round backs made with Roden Leather's Solana Lin

Solana is a FULL GRAIN LEATHER with even coloration throughout the entire hide. Superior selection of European and New Zealand cattle hides are hand selected for Solana. These hides are recognized industry wide for their clean surfaces and excellent cutting yields. Luxurious soft hand and smooth supple surface make this one of the most beautiful leathers available and is appreciated worldwide. The protective finish allows Solana to be suitable for most public and private environments. Solana Upholstery Leather Hides average 49 square feet.

Media Center made with Embossed Ostrich leather

Media Center made with Embossed Ostrich leather bought from Roden Leather Company EMBOSSED OSTRICH - A new twist on a classic ostrich pattern, we’ve added patent tipping to the embossed high points, giving this embossed ostrich a glistening sheen and added dimension. This leather is highly durable and will offer a beautiful, interesting and textural statement to your room. Average 25 square feet per Upholstery Leather Hide.

Truck upholstered with Roden Leather Company's Stella Line of upholstery leather.

Roden Leather Company's Stella Line of leather was used for all parts of this trucks upholstery. STELLA is a full grain aniline dyed leather, with a superb soft touch and feel. American dairy cows are meticulously selected for this article to give it a naturally even pebbled grain, and to maximize its natural hand feel. Stella has an excellent wearability and added durability, due to the high performance characteristics added during the finishing process. Hence, we highly recommend this leather for use in the contract, hospitality, and residential markets! Once upholstered, Stella will give any piece a sophisticated elegant look with an excellent drape and feel. The Stella Upholstery Leather

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