Custom Upholstery Leather Colors Made to Order

The samples shown depict a wide range of colors. However, in the event that there is no satisfactory color to meet your special requirements, we are in a position to create special colors to match your fabric, carpet, or wallpaper. We can custom match most colors and finishes for $16.95 a square foot plus a one time color matching charge of $100.00.

Featured Upholstery Leather: ARTISAN LINE

Our ARTISAN LINE was invented to satisfy the pickiest of leather customers. Dyed for color using a true "A" selection of raw material, Artisan is some of the prettiest leather you will ever see. All hides are grades to have a 3-cushion selection and will be the highlight of any leather line. Since anilines are notorious for being hard to cut Artisan will change the way you look at anilines forever. After dyeing a slight sauvage effect is added to give the leather a mottled effect and adds depth to the leather. A water and stain resistance chemical is added to give the leather protection. Even though this is a premium selection natural features should be expected and appreciated such as heale

Featured Line: Hair-On Cowhide

We offer a large selection of upholstery leather but did you know that we also offer Hair-On Cowhide? We do! Our Hair-On Cowhides are available in a variety of prints and colors. All hides are cattle hides and the pictures are for reference only. Please keep in mind that shades and patterns will vary from hide to hide.

Featured Upholstery Leather: EARTH LINE

Our EARTH LINE is chrome free tanned, vegetable re-tanned, and features water based finishing (no solvents). Meeting the highest technical specifications in fashion-forward, hospitality colors.​

Top Grain Upholstery Leather

What is Top Grain Leather? Top grain leather is leather from the uppermost layer of a hide. It is the highest quality part of the hide. We offer several top grain upholstery leather lines in a variety of colors: Focus Line, Roman Line, Desert Line, Vintage Line, Athena Line, Euroglazed Line and Embossed Gator Line. FOCUS is a very supple top grain cowhide leather that is aniline dyed using an entirely non-polluting system to ensure minimal waste, high quality and a product that is environmentally sound. The tannage uses selected raw materials to attain a very soft hand and drape. Once upholstered the natural grain provides a unique appearance and richness. A protective finish combined with

How Do I Care For Leather and How Do I Clean Leather?

Genuine leather requires very little care. Dust it regularly, and minor spots can be washed off. Use lukewarm water and mild soap, but nothing abrasive. Work up some suds and go over the surface with a soft cloth. Rinse off any soap film with clean water and toweling. It may dry dull, but normal gloss can be restored by rubbing with clean toweling. These instructions apply to finished leather only, not to any suede. Never use furniture polish, oil, varnish, ammonia, or cleaning solvents. Leather will last a lifetime if given the care it deserves. How to care for leather and how to clean leather depends entirely upon what type of leather you have. And remember, cleaning leather is an imperfec

What Is Antiqued Upholstery Leather?

What Is Antiqued Upholstery Leather? Antiqued Upholstery Leather is leather that is dyed with one color over another to create highlights and an aged appearance. We offer antiqued upholstery leather in our Stickley and Mission Oak Specialist's Roman Line and Euroglazed Line are leathers great for arts and crafts period furniture. We also offer antiqued upholstery leather in our Oxford Line. ROMAN is a full aniline hand antiqued leather which provides any piece with a sophisticated antique look. Roman is a top grain naturally pebbled leather that has been hand stained by a combination of subtle oils and waxes, followed by a protective topcoat to give it excellent wearability. It is then hot i

Euroglazed Upholstery Leather

Our Euroglazed Line is produced in an environmentally responsible manner by Europe's first leather producer to receive certification for its environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001 certification. Euroglazed is an aniline through dyed top grain leather that has a two-tone effect achieved by a printing roller which provides a more even distribution of the shading. A high luster top coat is also applied to obtain the antiqued appearance. Euroglazed is offered in 8 colors. It is an excellent choice for desktops.

What is Pure Aniline Leather?

What is Pure Aniline Leather? Pure Aniline is top grain leather that is dyed for color without any pigments applied. These hides will exhibit some natural characteristics such as healed scars, scratches, neck and belly wrinkles. Expect color variation from the swatch to the actual leather, due to the fact leather is a natural product and will absorb dye differently within the hide and from hide to hide. This leather will develop a rich patina over time and will fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Our Artisan Line and Athena Line offer many shades of pure aniline leather. ARTISAN LINE Artisan was invented to satisfy the pickiest of leather customers. Dyed for color using a true "A" sele

Which Upholstery Leather is Best for High Traffic Areas?

Roden Leather offers several leather lines that are made to withstand the demands of high traffic areas such as our Desert Line, Athena Line, Chestnut Line and Vista Line. DESERT is top grain leather with even coloration throughout the entire hide. Hand selected exceptional quality Australian cattle hides with a gentle buffing and grain enhancement to provide a consistent grain structure throughout each hide and from hide to hide. Desert is recognized industry wide for its clean surfaces, excellent cutting yields and soft hand. Suitable for most high traffic interior applications from furniture, automotive and marine. ATHENA is our finest protected full grain leather. Only the best hand-s

What is Distressed Leather?

Distressed Leather is aniline dyed leather with an artificially worn and aged appearance in which the natural characteristics of the hide such as healed scars, scratches, and wrinkles are considered a positive characteristic. Our Distressed Upholstery Leather lines include our Cowboy Line and Cambrian Line. COWBOY LINE COWBOY is a full aniline distressed leather with an excellent soft hand and drape. Cowboy has a beautiful aged distressed look due to the waxes and oils applied during the finishing process. The pull-up characteristics of this leather will also provide contrast in both luster and color. When upholstered, Cowboy is designed so that it will give any piece an authentic aged look.

What Is Embossed Leather?

What Is Embossed Leather? Embossed leather is leather that has been stamped using heat and high pressure to create a pattern or design in the hide. The variety is tremendous ranging from alligator, crocodile, ostrich, flowers, geometric and Indian designs, to name just a few. We offer embossed upholstery leather in our Embossed Gator, Embossed Ostrich and Reptile Lines. EMBOSSED GATOR LINE Top Grain, Semi-Aniline embossed Leather with the exotic look of crocodile. Specially tanned premium cowhides allow for embossing with more depth and character to create the texture of Embossed Gator. Embossed Gator is produced entirely by hand in a many step process using old artisan techniques. Color var

How Much Leather Do I need?

How much leather do I need to cover my chair, sofa, car seat…? Most upholstery leather comes from a cowhide that is shaped irregularly and not all of it is suitable for use. The hide is approximately 7 feet x 7 feet. If you are experienced in working with fabric you can refer to the chart below for the proper conversion for different widths of fabric (18 square feet leather = 1 yard of 54 inch fabric). This takes into account any waste you will have due to the irregular shape of the leather. If you need very large cuttings you may need additional hides. • Each yard of 54" fabric requires 18 square feet of leather. • Each yard of 50" fabric requires 16 square feet of leather. • Each yard of

We Have Pink Upholstery Leather!

We have many leather lines with several shades of pink upholstery leather. ATHENA is our finest protected full grain leather. Only the best hand-selected European raw material is used for this leather. The hides have an amazing hand and don’t lose their natural appearance. Athena has an outstanding natural hair-cell grain that elevates its perceived value far above cost. The Athena finish makes this leather ideal for applications in medium and high traffic areas. AVALON is a glazed aniline drum dyed leather with an uniquely controlled pull-up look and created to improve on the original old world charm. The leather comes from choice European cattle. AVALON has a one of a kind effect and multi

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