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Casino Glossary:

Shuffle (from the English Shuffle) is a shuffling of cards, a confusing and strictly regulated procedure in a casino, which usually annoys the player and does not please the croupier. It has nothing to do with focus

- Drake, let's go to blackjack, first, - Ai-Petri announced the verdict, without even looking on me. And already leaving the "party", he threw over his shoulder: - English, please.

"Z-z" came out like the buzzing of a fly, a nasty fly.

“Damn,” I freaked out, raising my head from Leshkin’s comfortable shoulder, but freaked out quietly,

to myself - the second fine in a week was useless to me. Trying to unbutton the top button of my collar, which was squeezing unbearably in my throat, had already cost me a day's wages.

This is how it always is: whoever is lucky, they are driven. My Leshka, Lenka, fat man Romka, and four other croupiers: two girls and two guys who joined us from another shift – “Brownian” movement between shifts is a frequent occurrence in the gambling business – stared at the TV, sipped instant coffee from paper cups and thanked fate that they can only count in English to a hundred and yell two phrases on a roulette wheel: “Pliz, yo betz!”elevenand "Senk'yu, but mo betz!"12 This is enough to not overwhelm the game.


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