How Much Leather Do I need?

How much leather do I need to cover my chair, sofa, car seat…?

Most upholstery leather comes from a cowhide that is shaped irregularly and not all of it is suitable for use. The hide is approximately 7 feet x 7 feet.

If you are experienced in working with fabric you can refer to the chart below for the proper conversion for different widths of fabric (18 square feet leather = 1 yard of 54 inch fabric). This takes into account any waste you will have due to the irregular shape of the leather. If you need very large cuttings you may need additional hides.

• Each yard of 54" fabric requires 18 square feet of leather. • Each yard of 50" fabric requires 16 square feet of leather. • Each yard of 36" fabric requires 12 square feet of leather.

If you are not experienced at using different fabrics you can calculate how much leather you will need in the following way. Calculate the number of square feet you want to cover. By the time you are done cutting the hide roughly 20-25% will not be useable. You must take this into account when ordering the leather, so you need to add 25% to the number of square feet you originally calculated. An easy way to do that is to calculate the number of square feet you want to cover and multiply that number by 1.25. That is approximately how many square feet of leather you will need to order. This is not an exact science.

(Number of Square feet you want to cover) x (1.25) = (Approximate amount of leather you need to order)

Each cowhide is a different size and it is rarely possible for us to ship you exactly the number of square feet you request. We will come as close as possible. Often you must choose if you want us to go a little over or a little under the footage you had originally requested.

May I buy less than a full hide of leather?

Leather must normally be purchased one hide at a time. The average hide is approximately 7 feet by 7 feet. In some cases, for some types of leather, for an additional charge, we will make exceptions and sell less than a full hide of leather.

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