Featured Upholstery Leather: ARTISAN LINE

Our ARTISAN LINE was invented to satisfy the pickiest of leather customers. Dyed for color using a true "A" selection of raw material, Artisan is some of the prettiest leather you will ever see. All hides are grades to have a 3-cushion selection and will be the highlight of any leather line. Since anilines are notorious for being hard to cut Artisan will change the way you look at anilines forever. After dyeing a slight sauvage effect is added to give the leather a mottled effect and adds depth to the leather. A water and stain resistance chemical is added to give the leather protection. Even though this is a premium selection natural features should be expected and appreciated such as healed scars, scratches, neck and belly wrinkles. These are hallmarks of an aniline and register this leather a pure aniline. Artisan will fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight and will develop a patina over time and with use.

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