Featured Upholstery Leather: AVALON LINE

Our AVALON LINE is a glazed aniline drum dyed leather with an uniquely controlled pull-up look and created to improve on the original old world charm. The leather comes from choice European cattle. AVALON has a one of a kind effect and multiplies the character of the furniture piece with which it is upholstered. The hides are enhanced with a glaze like finish. This gives the leather an aged and very classy appearance, highlighting the areas where the pull comes into effect. AVALON’S glowing colors, exhibit dark and light areas due to the oil and glazing process. The leather is made to give a room a cozy and welcoming appearance. For cleaning use damp cloth with a mild soap or leather cleaner. The hides are drum dyed and have a protective top coat.

Avalon Upholstery Leather Hides average 49 square feet.

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