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Genuine leather requires very little care. Dust it regularly, and minor spots can be washed off. Use lukewarm water and mild soap, but nothing abrasive. Work up some suds and go over the surface with a soft cloth. Rinse off any soap film with clean water and toweling. It may dry dull, but normal gloss can be restored by rubbing with clean toweling. These instructions apply to finished leather only, not to any suede. Never use furniture polish, oil, varnish, ammonia, or cleaning solvents. Leather will last a lifetime if given the care it deserves.

About Our Cowhides
Our upholstery leather is made from the hide of a cow. It is usually sold by the entire hide. The average hide ranges in size from approximately 45-55 square feet. The cost is calculated by multiplying the number of square feet in the hide times the price per square foot of the particular leather. Click here to get a sense of the approximate shape and size of the leather with which you will be working.

Protect your investment with one of our tender leather care cleaning kits.

Our Pure Aniline Kit contains a cleaner & sunguard conditioner.


Our Protected Aniline Kit contains a cleaner and conditioner.


Magic Ink Roller for use on any protected aniline leather. Made to remove ink marks, ballpoint pen, lipstick and shoe polish. Please pre-test an inconspicuous area before using on leather that has not been treated with our Protected Aniline Kit.


Our nubuck & Suede kit contains a Nubuck foam cleaner, “mooncloth” & protection spray.


Pure Aniline Kits:

Artisan Line

CAMBRIAN (Distressed) Line

Embossed Gator Line

Embossed Ostrich Line

Protected Aniline Kits:

Chestnut Line

Colors Line

Inquire when ordering to determine suitability of cleaning kit for any leather not listed.

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