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Sale Price with FREE Shipping $119

1/2 Hide Available - 30 sq ft
CALL TO ORDER 1-800-521-4833

VISTA 0247 CLOSE_edited.jpg

VISTA  is a high end full grain protected aniline that is dyed for color and then receives a layer of pigment to ensure color consistency. Without pigment a protected leather is not color consistent. The pigment also ensures fade resistance and helps the leather wear over time. A clear water based topcoat is applied for protection., which makes this leather great for high traffic areas and high-energy families. Since this is a full grain, the grain will vary from hide to hide, it is a more natural looking product that is instantly recognized as the high end beautiful natural product that it is.

Vista Hide thickness is 1.2 - 1.4 mm.

Photos are of the actual hide you will receive.

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